Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics

Mark Kahrs and Karlheinz Brandenburg, editors


Kluwer Academic Publishers
March 1998
ISBN 0-7923-8130-0
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Audio quality determination based on perceptual measurement techniques
John Beerends
KPN Research
Perceptual Coding of High Quality Digital Audio
Karlheinz Brandenburg
Reverberation Algorithms
Bill Gardner
MIT Media Lab
Digital Audio Restoration
Simon Godsill and Peter Rayner (Cambridge)
Olivier Cappe (ENST)
Digital Audio System Architecture
Mark Kahrs
CAIP Center, Rutgers University
Signal Processing for Hearing Aids
Jim Kates
Time and Pitch scale modification of audio signals
Jean Laroche
Wavetable Sampling Synthesis
Dana Massie
Sinusoidal Analysis/Synthesis in Audio Processing
Tom Quatieri and Bob McAulay
MIT Lincoln Labs
Principles of Digital Waveguide Models of Musical Instruments
Julius Smith
CCRMA, Stanford University

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