Well, this year I almost didn't go because I prefer to go with my hamfest expert Bob --- but he decided to go at the last minute so I rented a car, reserved a hotel room and off I went.

[ DCP01401.JPG ]
What an introduction! This is a motorized crank up tower of nearly 150 feet. Check out the base of it. Very nice.

[ DCP01402.JPG ]
This is an american dish motor. Notice the nice chain drive.

[ DCP01403.JPG ]
This is a pile of insertable CD-ROM drives.

[ DCP01404.JPG ]
A pile of old stuff --- the hands on the left are mangling an old Bell and Howell projector.

[ DCP01405.JPG ]
A very nice medical laser.

[ DCP01406.JPG ]
Laser head --- very beautiful work inside.

[ DCP01407.JPG ]
Box of valves/tubes -- they still exist (!)

[ DCP01408.JPG ]
Laptop central. In fact, laptops were all over the place.

[ DCP01409.JPG ]
A pallet full of Octanes --- and no one was interested...

[ DCP01410.JPG ]
And underneath the pile of junk is an old Tektronix 110 delay line!

[ DCP01411.JPG ]
That's Bob inspecting the solar panels.

[ DCP01412.JPG ]
More tubes...

[ DCP01413.JPG ]
Weird and Wacky Dayton, need I say more?

[ DCP01414.JPG ]
Laser tubes, $2 each.

[ DCP01415.JPG ]
That's a microtome. No kidding.

[ DCP01416.JPG ]
And that's a jet engine for $2500. No kidding here either.

[ DCP01417.JPG ]
PDP 8 but in rough condition.

[ DCP01418.JPG ]
Don't let it get to your head!

[ DCP01419.JPG ]
Naturally, Segways are always around.

[ DCP01420.JPG ]
Dollar a pound. You can buy an HP oscillator ...

[ DCP01421.JPG ]
Nautical light anyone?

[ DCP01422.JPG ]
Yours truly, as taken by Bob.

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