Dayton 2007

Well, Bob is back from the South Pole and that means it's time for Dayton. Sure the test equipment is only a shadow of its former self, but where can you see such a strange collection of junque? This year I left on Friday morning. I didn't get parked until 11 a.m. and decided to completely omit the inside vendors.

[ DCP01272.JPG ]
TVC501 from evil Tech Systems. I didn't even bother to ask.

[ DCP01273.JPG ]
Microwave Transition Analyzer with display (two years ago this was 2500$)

[ DCP01275.JPG ]
Bucket o' tubes

[ DCP01276.JPG ]
Another substantial tube

[ DCP01277.JPG ]
Close up of multigun CRT

[ DCP01278.JPG ]
Old potentiometer (still for sale, was on sale in 2005!)

[ DCP01279.JPG ]
You want it? You untangle it!

[ DCP01280.JPG ]
Tek 531 abandoned in the weeds.

[ DCP01281.JPG ]
You said electrical, right? That means lamps, right? Riiiiight.

[ DCP01282.JPG ]
Cool TACAN antenna

[ DCP01283.JPG ]

[ DCP01284.JPG ]
Ion Chromatograph? Sure, no problem.

[ DCP01285.JPG ]
Ancient B&K apparatus. Calibrated meter stick in front with transducer on wheels.

[ DCP01286.JPG ]
Eye exam at home? You need your own slit lamp. Here it is.

[ DCP01287.JPG ]
Old GR line

[ DCP01288.JPG ]
Pile of HP 5245 nixie era counters

[ DCP01289.JPG ]
Lest we forget, for $20 you can get the complete set of "Men are from Mars" videotapes. (At Dayton, you might believe this).

[ DCP01290.JPG ]
"Oh don't you feel my leg, don't you feel my leg; 'Cos if you feel my leg, you'll want to feel my thigh; Don't you feel my thigh, you'll wanna move up high; So don't you feel my leg"
(Bob just can't resist)

[ DCP01291.JPG ]
The 2600 hacker crowd was back selling magazines and t-shirts

[ DCP01293.JPG ]
Color HP laserjet printer (sold)

[ DCP01294.JPG ]
Laptop sale pile

[ DCP01295.JPG ]
Bob digging into disks.

[ DCP01296.JPG ]
Sun Netra (half off)

[ DCP01297.JPG ]
Spectra Physics Ion Laser --- missing power supply (Bob is checking the optics out too)

[ DCP01298.JPG ]
Another nerd with antenna and helmet

[ DCP01299.JPG ]
Tek scope dumping ground

[ DCP01300.JPG ]
A very small voltage adjustment

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