Unfortunately, I woke up on Friday morning with a dead brain and neglected to bring my camera to the hamfest. Bob and I were halfway there by the time I remembered. So, unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the good weather. But, as usual, Dayton is proving to be rainy at least one of the days. And this year was no different.

Saturday morning view of the (rather sleazy, but cheap) motel. The sign says "God save America - Weekly".

Bob with his morning wake up Coke underneath a canopy near a jet compressor.

When it rains, everyone goes inside, which makes it a crowded mess. But the inside exhibitors love it, of course.

Eggbeater antenna

SGI Indigo 2s, only $40 each.

Sparcstation 10s, and SPARC storage... I shudder when I remember how much I paid for them off a grant 8 years ago.

A few antennas on this car.

A 240 to 2400v transformer at an amazing amount of current.

That's high voltage.

Old, but venerable HP oscillators.

Small laser, in the rain.

Jet compressor blade.

Indoor view of the arena during the rain.

Yours truly, as shot by the self timer (hence the clipping). Note the rain on the glasses...

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