Well, Dayton 2002_was fun but it wasn't the test equipment haven I had dreamt about. I took some pictures to try & memorialize the event. Starting with the starting gate, I mean gates. As the crowd was let in numerous moooooooing could be heard.

A picture of Bob, ready for action in front of his favorite SUV

Coaxial loads anyone? These are for moderate power... just wait.

You can find many amazing items...

Speaking of which, what about an SGI machine from the Chemistry dept. at UC San Diego?

Dayton isn't all electronics, what about some mechanical stuff? (note Bob dickering)

INMARSAT terminal and a Bloomberg dual LCD display

A little bigger coaxial load

Typical test equipment scene

And the hackers were there and still haven't given up on Kevin Mitnick video tapes.

Laptop city, note the tarps coming out due to rain...

And when it rains, everyone goes indoors or under a tent...

Totally amazing Cu vapor laser, missing power supply. It's ready to vaporize Bob

Ancient technology floppy drive

Nerd with antenna helment

Nerd with screwdriver finding out if he got a Rb oscillator for cheap (he didn't).

Being fitted with a WW II era radio

The guy in front is running a hand cranked generator (more military fanatics)

My heart's desire, only $7000 list.